It's always nice to be reminded that people actually read what I write

I received this email earlier in the week. It is always a treat to connect with people through my writing, and encouraging to know that it actually has an impact.

Hi Benjamin,

Just wanted to touch base and give you some feedback...

I found your site from the "Me and My Money" article in the globe and mail.

I just wanted to tell you - your story was very encouraging to me for a number of reasons. I'm a long time resident of (Surrey) B.C. myself, and I've been working towards the CFP educational requirements as well as completing the Canadian Securities Course with the intention of working in the financial services field shortly. I manage my own portfolio in addition to portfolios for several other family members. I have been interested and actively involved in investing on my own for many years; you could say it's a passion of mine..

Even though |'m not officially in the industry yet - I have grown to dislike mutual funds and the so called "active management" ripoff, charging crazy MERs and excessive fees for fund managers that won't even outperform the index. 

I'm not looking forward to selling mutual funds as I start out in this industry, and honestly don't know if I could sleep at night knowing I've sold clients an inferior product.

I've been really struggling with this issue, until I saw your articles/website. It's obvious that you're very aware of all the advantages of an index strategy over actively managed mutual funds. That's very encouraging.

I could see myself going in a similar direction that you have - to an index approach for clients.

I'm so glad to see that there are finally starting to be some Canadian advisors willing to switch to an ETF, fee based approach. We are so far behind the U.S. on this.

This is definitely the way I want to proceed with my career.!